NSA Corp.

About NSA Corp.


NSA Corp. was established about 10 years ago by Unipoint Electric Mfg Co., Ltd to be the marketing arm in the US market. UNIPOINT saw the complete transition of many automotive parts from remanufactured units to new units. Many major remanufacturers have gone out of business one by one. Many technicians could no longer live with high defective rates associated with remanufactured electrical components. Understanding the market trend and field feedback, NSA Corp. was formed to sell and distribute 100% new rotating electrical into the US market. NSA Corp. currently has distribution centers in Ashburn, VA and Sacramento, CA.

NSA Corp. in Sacramento, CA. U.S.A.

Unipoint Plant, Taiwan

NSA Corp. in Ashburn, VA. U.S.A.

Unipoint HQ, Taipei

Unipoint Plant, China

About Unipoint Electric Mfg Co., Ltd


Unipoint Electric Mfg Co., Ltd was established in 1972. While NSA Corp. products are relatively new to the US market, our parent company, UNIPOINT has been making electrical components for the remanufacturing industry and virtually all of the world's major automobile manufacturers for nearly 40 years. It has become one of the world's largest manufacturers of starters and alternators, temperature control units and wiper blades.


Unipoint's manufacturing plants are located in Taipei, Taiwan and Shenzhen, China. The distribution efforts are supported by sales personnel and warehouse facilities around the globe. Both manufacturing facilities practice state of the art process control and are certified to ISO-9001 / TS-16949 international quality standards. Local offices are designed to provide exceptional customer support, competitive pricing and marketing assistance to customers. The engineering group has the experience and capability to develop and tool brand new applications on a timely basis. For more detail, please visit www.unipoint.com.tw